“We Knights of Columbus are the Knights of the Eucharist.”
Supreme Knight Carl Anderson

Speaking on the vitality and renewal of parish life Carl Anderson stated: “we are providentially positioned to take up the challenge of a leadership role in the renewal of parish life: to be the strong right arm of our parish priests…we must reach out into more parishes with an active presence.” In the letter below Bishop Kevin is asking every Knight of Columbus in his diocese to do just that by way of growing Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration in every parish. There is really no other organization or ministry at the parish level with the manpower to take on this heroic spiritual task.

In the letter Bishop Vann asks
that you “open your hearts and minds to our Brother Knights, Steve Lovison and Ron Srajer who are carrying the message throughout the Diocese into each local parish and Catholic center with your support and assistance.” Steve Lovison SK and the team he put together has been tasked by Bishop Vann to grow Eucharistic Adoration in our Diocese. Steve is the founder of Adoration Servants, a Catholic 501(c)(3) Non-Profit that supports Eucharistic Adoration throughout the country. Below are two Knights Resolutions related to Eucharistic Adoration.


While you may visit Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament in any Catholic Church that is open the following are special time at our parishes:
Vincent de Paul
Exposition Mondays in the Church until approximately 8:00PM and from then on in the Bell Tower Chapel. The chapel door locks at 9:00PM but you may get the combination from the Parish Office. Just ask.Please write you name (or initials) on the Sign-in sheet followed by “K of C” so we can report on Adoration activity.
St Bonaventure
Exposition Monday through Friday between the 6:30 AM and 8:00 AM Masses.
Every 7th Day of the Month there is 24 hours of Exposition with our Knights Council responsible for the 11:00PM hour. We start that hour with a group rosary followed by silence for the rest of the hour.


Thoughts from Russell Morissey, Past Grand Knight of Council 6020

The Knights of Columbus on as often been described as a service organization—and so it is. But Knights have historically acted together with the Church’s priests and bishops.The Bishop of Orange and the pastors of our Council 6020’s two parishes have asked us to become “more spiritual.”In many ways we are already spiritual in that our practice has been to start with a good Catholic man and transform him into a better Catholic man.

By virtue of our Baptism and Confirmation we are called to spread the faith in some way. In the early church our region grew rapidly because non-believers were attracted to it.Attraction is still a powerful force in any type of good work.Many of the members of our Council server the Church in various capacities as extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, lectors, ministers of hospitality.

Some Knights are currently doing Eucharistic Adoration. The short term goal is to increase the number of Knights involved in this key ministry.There is no better way to increase our faith and to influence our fellow Knights and parishioners than in this ministry.It is key to resisting the further secularization of our culture including the barbarous practice of abortion.Mass attendance is down to 20%. Very few Catholic families have children who also practice their religion on a regular basis.This must change and will change if we are more spiritual.