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Our mission is to grow Eucharistic Adoration in the Diocese of Orange for the greater glory of God and for the salvation of souls

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We have been tasked by Bishop Kevin Vann to promote and help grow Eucharistic Adoration in our diocese.  This website serves as our headquarters to help us accomplish our mission and this Welcome page is meant to give you an overview of the website so that in the future, rather than seeing introductory information on the Home page, you will see direct links to the tools for you personally and for your parish. This website will, God willing and us working, progress as time goes by. Once you close this page you wont be bothered with it again unless you click on the "Welcome" link on the top right corner.

You will find a large main menu option at the top (or if you are on a phone a standard menu button) that will give you access to tools to help you personally grow in Eucharistic Adoration. There are also panel links and scrolling banner links in the main body of the website that will  change as events occur.  New additions to the site will be advertised, so to speak, by way of these panels and flyers. Click on any of the panels or banners to be taken to their target pages. 

Examples of what you will find on the various links and the main menu are "INSPIRATIONS"  providing a drop down menu of multiple sources meant to inspire you not only to spend person time in Eucharistic Adoration but to help your parish grow Eucharistic Adoration.  The "QUESTIONS" menu  option provides a number of grouped questions on various aspects of Eucharistic Adoration.   Our mission is to "GROW ADORATION" and so we provide information to accomplish this at the personal, parish, and diocesan levels.
We have a "FIND A CHAPEL" page that allows you to find Eucharistic Adoration in our diocese via Google Maps with the ability to select date ranges and mile ranges. As  Eucharistic Adoration is scheduled at many different times in our diocese this page will let you know who has Exposition and when.  We have "CHAPEL TOOLS" available which are a compilation of files from Adoration Chapels in our diocese as well as elsewhere.  You can read about "ADORATION HISTORY" at several levels.  We also provide "USEFUL LINKS" and ways to "CONTACT US."  The footer section, available on most all pages has phone numbers, emails, etc.

We hope you find this site useful.  If we can do anything for you and/or your parish, please let us know. If you would like to assist us in this mission, we would love you to join us. 
Thank you. 

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