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Ontario Convention

2023 Annual California State Meeting Spiritual Journal
My Brothers,
I arrived here in Ontario at 10:00AM on Thursday but only to get the registration and hotel check-in out of the way because I did not want to waste time Friday.  I came back to Huntington Beach and we had our monthly business meeting.  Then I came back to Ontario. As I started reviewing the Convention documents and set up my hotel room for prayer and started texting our Brother Nick Bezzina, it came to me I should document my spiritual journey during this convention.
Events like these, Nick and I consider to be pilgrimages.  Nick's pilgrimage to Supreme Headquarters last October being another example. During these pilgrimages, the two of us join in prayer that the pilgrimage will be spiritually fruitful.  I invite you, my brother Knight, to join us in prayer.
I plan the next two days to be steeped in prayer for the Knights and the Mission of our Orange County Chapter given us by our Bishop Kevin Vann to be the leaders in growing Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration in each parish.  As far as I know I am still the State Chairman of Holy Hours and the State Chairman of Perpetual Adoration so I will share this with State Leaders and also with the Supreme Leaders Nick and I have been in contact with over the course of this past Colombian year.
I pray my brothers, you find this effort on my part fruitful.  Vivat Jesus!
Steve Lovison
Grand Knights Council 6020 Huntington Beach
State Chairman Perpetual Adoration
State Chariman Holy Hours. 
Before we begin this journey maybe it would be a good idea to review my notes from the speakers of last year's State Convention CLICK HERE 

Hotel Room Prayer Station
Whenever I travel for Eucharistic Events, like the three events I conducted in March in the Dioceses of San Francisco and Stockton, and the 5 Day Silent Eucharistic Retreat I was on last week in San Francisco Diocese, I set up a prayer station in my hotel room.  As St Junipero Serra is the patron saint for California Adoration efforts for my Catholic Non-Profit Adoration Servants and as St Michael the Archangel is now key to the efforts brother Nick Bezzina and I are doing with,  I usually bring a St Junipero Statue along with me and a St Michael Icon. 
But as I learned last week in my silent retreat everything is really God's Will, and there is a reason for what happens.  I forgot my St Junipero statue and my St Michael icon.  But both could be found on a single page in the convention program so I set those up on the hotel desk along with my St Joseph the Worker and Our Lady of Lourdes statue as well as my St Benedict crucifix (I am a Calmaldolese Benedictine  Oblate).  So it was God's Will I use the Convention images during my hotel room prayer time.
As this is a California event I am using the St Junipero rosary I have that commemorates his canonization and that was touched to his tomb. 

Notable Statement from Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly Introduction. Nick and I have had some general discussions with Supreme about the "Cor Meeting" which in some ways our Council 6020 "Call to be Holy" weekly meetings very much precede Cor Meetings, just as they very much preceded the "Faith in Action" initiative.  I expect the Cor Meeting will be an intial attempt to get Knights out the "Spiritual Kiddy Pool" which was a theme of our Council meetings during my term as Grand Knight.  
For those of you who do not know what the "Spiritual Kiddy Pool" is you can watch the "Spiritual Extract" videos on our Council 6020 Home Page.
 Interesting statement from State Deputy Rene Trevino Introduction.  I look forward to finding these "spiritual opportunities" and documenting them for you as the Convention progresses.
Personal Thoughts on the Agenda.   The first thing that I noticed I actually noticed during the delegate webinar.  There is no Eucharistic Adoration Holy Hour this year.  Last year there was a formal holy hour on Saturday at 7:00AM.  I expect, as I documented in last year's page, the poor attendance last year may have had an influence in not having one this year.  After all, from 6:30PM we begin "Dancing through the night" so getting up for an early holy hour is going to be tough. 
There will be a Eucharistic Procession prior to the Saturday Mass. 
I expect the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel will be open by 8:00AM and will close down 5:00PM.  So I plan to try and spend most all of my spare time in the chapel because I have a number of important documents to write related to the work Nick Bezzina and I have done this year.  Nick and I are the remnant of the Eucharistic Adoration Committee Bishop Vann had me establish some years back which is where the Bishop's Letter to all Knights giving us our great mission originated.  
Much work is to be done and as my year as Grand Knight is coming to a close I am refocusing efforts on growing Adoration in the Diocese, working with Director of Evangelization Deacon and Director of Liturgy Deacon for the Diocese of Orange.  So as part of that effort will be related to the still open Mission from Bishop Vann to the Knights, working on that effort in the presence of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament at the State Convention seems like an great place to do it.

First Night of Prayer
 As I drove three trips between Ontario and Huntington Beach today I got 20 decades of the rosary in while driving. And as I am still being affected by last week's silent retreat and looking forward to returning to a life of solitude and prayer as my Camaldolese Benedictine oblation calls for now that my Grand Knight term is coming to a close, I did not play any music or listne to anything while driviing.  I meditated on and prayed about our Eucharistic Adoration efforts and how important they are and I also pondered the recent communications I have had with our Council brothers, our Chapter leaders, our Diocese leaders, and Supreme leaders about these efforts. 
I prayed all the prayers of St Michael the Archangel Eucharistic Adoration Crusaders ( and while doing so decided to do this journal.  So that takes me to 1:35AM on Friday May 19th.  Time for bed to get up for morning prayers then Mass.  Another thing I forgot is my Camaldolese Daily Liturgy of the Hours book.  God will be done.
Vivat Jesus!
Well, I have to send the email to my 6020 brothers then go to bed.